Hash Calculator 2 アプリのレビュー

Decent App

It is a decent app. If the ability to compare two files is worth $1 to you than step up to this app over the couple dozen $.99 ones. Otherwise it doesnt really do anything unique. Like other hashing apps, my complaint is that you cannot hash a folder - only individual files and with this app two files at once to compare.

Does what I want it to do

Many of thes checksum apps just spit out simple information and charges an arm and a leg, I guess they forgot that the main purpose for apps like this is to compare with other files. I like how the interace is simple and it does the job. My only complaint is the dragging system to compare files, have to drag 2 files at the same time from a same directory, Could you make it so you can drag individual files one by one so its much easier set up a check? If i could request something, perhaps give it the ability for a batch job :D Muchos gracias

Good app but needs a feature

This app is great because it supports so many algorithms. I would have rated it higher but it currently lacks a string comparison feature for a pasted value against the calculated value. Right now the user has to visually inspect the calculated result vs. the value provided by the creator of the downloaded file.

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